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Capt-Action sports video capture application

Our motivation

In a rapidly growing sector, where costs continue to rise and paid options are multiplying, Capt-Action aspires to become a key player and to offer a unique alternative in this expanding market. Choose freedom with Capt-Action and allow everyone who wishes to capture captivating moments and everyday actions to share them with an interested audience. This freedom is priceless, and Capt-Action understands it well.

The players in this market



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Move’n See



Don’t throw money out the window anymore!

We live in a time where everything is expensive and our budgets are often limited. In general, you should budget between 1,500 and 4,000 euros for the first year for most systems on the market, and then allocate an annual budget of at least 1,000 euros for video storage and user accessibility, not including additional options. Capt-Action is well aware of this and offers you several options: the Freemium formula at 0€, the Premium formula at 3.99€/year, and the Pro formula at 1€/month. Saving money today is no easy task, and Capt-Action understands this well.

A standalone camera or a smartphone?

Who has never dreamed of having a standalone camera to film their match? However, a traditional camera films only one match at a time and requires transporting the equipment, setting it up, taking it down, and needing some training to use it. With Capt-Action, ease of use is within everyone’s reach: simply use your smartphone and launch the app. Thus, all matches or life moments can be followed. A real child’s play!

A tripod for less than 20€… Yes, no need for more!

Whether you have a stand or not, give height to your videos and ensure a more professional image stability. Lightweight to carry, easy to install, and adaptable to all terrains, the suitable tripod for your budget is available on your favorite shopping sites. Find the one that suits you best and instantly improve the quality of your recordings.

Click remotely with a Bluetooth remote control.

You can capture the action with the button on the application, or be even more clever by remotely controlling with a Bluetooth remote connected to your smartphone. Enjoy the freedom to stay focused on the game or action while capturing important moments with a simple, discreet click on your remote control. Often provided with the purchase of a tripod or available separately for a few euros, this remote control will make your recordings even easier and more enjoyable. (Ideal Bluetooth distance of 50 meters to be checked at the time of purchase)

Sequence your videos live! No waiting…

We are all chasing time savings! As the saying goes: “Time is money.” Capt-Action will save you a lot of time. Capture only the moments that interest you thanks to the Flashback system, then share your videos without constraints.

The freedom of your videos is priceless!

Do not let others decide for you! Your videos belong to you and should not be exploited on your behalf or visible to anyone. Capt-Action respects your rights and allows you to do what you want with your videos. Files will be in .MP4 format, and you are free to share, modify, or delete them without any constraints.

Film from all angles

Everyone owns a phone! With this vision, everyone can become a Capt-Action, thus offering various angles of view and even different formats! Portrait or landscape, from far or near, you will have a multitude of choices to capture your actions from different angles. Ideal for your tournaments or gatherings, Capt-Action allows you to project the highlights for the audience to see!

Capt-Action the sports highlights video application

With Capt-Action, film only the best moments! At the edge of the field, on vacation with family or friends, you go back in time and capture the last seconds that you want to share, broadcast on your networks as you see fit. You are the master of your content!

Download the Capt-Action application and take the test!

Capt-Action sports video capture application
capt-action video application highlights sport